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Yeah, It Might be Time for a New AC Unit

May 18th, 2020

air-conditioning-maintenanceIf you’ve had to upgrade your home’s air conditioner in the past, then we know that you’re probably not looking forward to upgrading the system again. We get it. Other HVAC contractors can make this process grueling. We understand this and that’s why we work our hardest to make sure that the air conditioning services that we perform are just as fast as they are effective.

If you want air conditioning services in Panama City, FL, schedule an appointment with our professionals. We can make sure that you get the service that you need through the experts on our team.

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We’re Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

May 11th, 2020

Here on the Alexander Air Conditioning team, we’re committed to keeping your home safe and comfortable throughout any conditions. This means that we’re taking the right protective measures to keep you healthy during the uncertain times surrounding COVID-19.

Here are a few things we’re doing:

  • Washing our hands as often as possible
  • Wearing face masks, gloves, and shoe coverings
  • Always maintaining a safe social distance when we serve you

Now that you know what we’re doing, are you wondering what you can do for your home at a time like this? You might want to consider an air purifier. We like to work with REME Halo products typically, but because these units are in such high demand now, we can substitute one of these models for another high-quality, Alexander Air Conditioning approved brand.

Call our team. We’re ready to assist you through these challenging times.

There is much to consider regarding the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) and its possible transmission in your home. While there are various and effective indoor air quality measures available to help protect your safety, including duct sanitization, ultraviolet (UV) germicidal light treatment, and HEPA air filters, they alone cannot protect from all forms of COVID-19 transmission. It is important to follow all official guidelines for preventing the spread of this virus.

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Did You Have AC Maintenance Already?

May 4th, 2020

question-markNow, ideally, you would have already had your air conditioning maintenance service performed. If you know about air conditioning maintenance, then you know that we suggest that this service be performed in spring. Although it’s still spring, we think you should aim for early spring when it comes to prepping your air conditioner for summer. Sooner is always better when it comes to your air conditioning system because it allows you that much-needed wiggle room to handle any problems that might arise before summer.

Just because you didn’t schedule your maintenance appointment at the end of February or the beginning of March doesn’t mean that you’re late though. You can still schedule a maintenance appointment for your system. After all, Florida seasons don’t really abide by the rules anyway! Call us for AC maintenance in Panama City, FL today.

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IAQ: A Key Component of Your Air Conditioning System

April 20th, 2020

Your indoor air quality services are important if you want cooling that’s not only effective but easy to achieve. This is something that many HVAC contractors overlook. We think it’s because they start to focus too much on the business and industry side of HVAC and lose sight of the plight of the customer. We make sure to avoid this by keeping the perspective of the homeowner in mind always. We understand that it’s not just about the cooling you receive at home, it’s also about what you have to do to get your home cool.

Schedule an appointment with us for your air conditioning in Lynn Haven, FL. We have a unique perspective that allows us to consider all sides of your indoor air quality and air conditioning service. Call today.

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You Might Need Air Conditioning Repair If…

April 6th, 2020

ac-maintenanceThe weather is starting to heat up so we’re sure you’ve taken some time to think about prepping your air conditioning system we want to make sure that you’re asking yourself the right questions though. We’re sure that you’re a competent homeowner who understands how to run their air conditioner, but there are some things that are just so technical that we wouldn’t even expect you to bother yourself with learning the nitty-gritty details. We don’t blame you for this—you’re a busy person with many things on your mind and that’s why you can hire trained professionals!

We want to assist you with your air conditioning repair in Panama City, FL. Call us when you’re ready to get the work that you need. If you want air conditioning repair that’s sure to keep you cool, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with us. We’ve got your back with everything you need.

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Common Home Problems and the IAQ Systems that can Solve Them

March 23rd, 2020

filter-duct-handSo spring is coming up fast and you’re wondering how you can make allergy season a little easier to get through, right? We understand where you’re coming from. Allergy season can be a real burden. You don’t want to sniffle, wheeze, and sneeze your way through the next few months. You won’t have to do this when you come to our professionals though. Instead, you can just come to our team for HVAC services in Youngstown, FL. We specialize in the work that you need to get great home comfort. We’re not going to gouge or waste your time either. We only want to make your indoor air quality better in the best way that we can.

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Your IAQ Makes All the Difference

March 9th, 2020

indoor-air-quality-contaminantsGetting your home to a comfortable temperature in Panama City Beach is no small feat. You know that if you’ve lived here for even a short amount of time—it’s hot. On top of the temperature just soaring here, it’s also incredibly balmy and humid. This only adds to the hot and stuffy feeling that our area can generate. With all this in mind, it’s important to take note when you’re having air conditioning troubles that are perplexing to you.

If you feel like you’re working away at your home’s air conditioner to no avail, then it’s time to turn your sights to the indoor air quality side of things. Indoor air quality is what ties together great home health with a comfortable, energy-efficient home. Make sure that you come to an HVAC contractor in Panama City Beach, FL that you can trust like us.

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No, It’s Not Too Late for Heating Maintenance!

February 24th, 2020

time-for-serviceSo… fall is long gone and you’re staring at your calendar wondering how we got here already, right? You had “schedule a heating maintenance appointment” on the top of your to do list for months and, yet, somehow scheduling the service got past you. We’re not here to judge. We know that we’re the HVAC professionals, but we’re human and we make mistakes as well. Luckily, it’s not too late your for heating maintenance services.

If you’re looking for heater maintenance in Lynn Haven, FL, then it’s time to give our team a ring and schedule an appointment. “Better late than never” is one of those phrases that really applies here. We’re going to make sure that you get the service that you need. Call us today to whip your heater into shape.

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How to Save Money on Your Heating this Winter

February 10th, 2020

money-pileDon’t you want to save a little money where you can in your home? Let’s face it—your HVAC system is expensive. We know that we’re the heating and cooling professionals here, but we’re not divorced from reality. We understand that your heating unit, air conditioning unit, and all the services that you need for both of these systems are expensive. That’s why we offer amazing financing programs to make your heating and cooling needs a reality.

Come to us for your heating in Panama City Beach, FL. We can make sure that you have the best heating services in our area that keep you warm through and through and keep your utility bills low. Here are a few simple ways that you can save yourself a great deal of money this winter.

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When to Schedule an Appointment for Heater Repair

January 27th, 2020

question-markSo “heating” and “Florida”… not really two words that you see together too often. We’re the one part of the U.S. that has a subtropical climate after all. You don’t have to worry about heating your home up too often because… well… it’s hot and humid here. Although it’s pretty pleasant here most of the time, you are going to have a few months out of the year where things cool off and you need to know that you have a great heater on your side.

Do you feel like you have the right heating services in Panama City, FL? If the answer is no, you need to come to the professionals here at Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. We’re a committed team of professionals that understand how to perform the work that you need.

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