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3 Key Reasons Why You Need a Heat Pump

new-air-conditionerWe’re rounding out summer now. It’s time to ask yourself—are you satisfied with your air conditioner? Your AC doesn’t even have to give your major problems, it could just be keeping your home a little stuffy or not living up to your expectations.

If you need a great team of professionals that you can trust to keep your home cool this winter, it’s time for you to get in touch with us for Panama City Beach air conditioning services. We’re a team of professionals that understand the details of a heat pumps system. Make sure that you choose a great heat pump and a great heat pump technician. Trust us when we say that both are vital.

Heat Pumps: The Low Down

Have you ever heard of a heat pump? It’s one of those systems that you’ve probably seen but you might not know the name or the specifics. The basics of a heat pump are that it’s similar to the standard central air conditioner.

Heat pumps are climate control systems that use an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and a network of ducts and refrigerant for the temperature control throughout your home. Heat pumps are like standard air conditioners in the sense that they use your ductwork too.
The Key Difference

You might read everything above and think, “Well… what’s the difference then?” The answer is simple—the reversing valve. This valve allows the system to reverse the direction of refrigerant flowing through the system allowing both heating and cooling capabilities. Heat pumps are a league ahead of any other climate control system. You can find out about all the various benefits below.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump

So, let’s get down to the details. How will a heat pump benefit your home?

  1. They Offer Heating and Cooling: One of the most obvious benefits of a heat pump is its ability to offer both heating and cooling from one unit. This eliminates the hassle of maintaining and repairing multiple systems to keep your home comfortable. Heat pumps are perfect for our climate too. We have relatively mild winters that a heat pump’s cooling capability can handle and warm, long summers that these systems are equipped for.
  2. They Offer Energy-Efficient Service: As we mentioned above, heat pumps move heat rather than generating it as a standard air conditioner would. Moving warm air from one place to another is an energy-efficient method of heating and cooling. The money and energy you save with one of these systems really adds up over its lifetime.
  3. They Save You Money: High energy efficiency levels translate directly into high savings. Heat pumps can help you reduce your monthly energy bills. A heat pump runs all year, so it has a significant advantage over furnace or air conditioning systems. An energy-efficient heat pump system will save you money year-round!

If any of the following benefits above sound like they could help your home, it’s time for you to contact the professionals on our team.

Contact Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our team of professionals.

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