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5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

hand drawing check box on a white backgroundAir conditioning in Panama City, FL is essential to keeping your home comfortable during the summer heat and cold winters. Keeping an HVAC system maintained is critical to its working condition. However, if you find you’re constantly calling a service technician to repair your air conditioning unit, it may be a sign to upgrade your HVAC system to a more efficient model.

This article will explore the telltale signs that your air conditioner needs to be upgraded, so you don’t get caught off-guard with high bills and repair costs.

1.   Your energy bills are increasing

Rising energy bills are the first thing owners notice when their air conditioning needs upgrading.

If nothing in your daily routine has changed and you’ve maintained your HVAC system well, yet you find your bills have increased. In that case, you should think about switching to a more energy-efficient model.

2.   Your home feels uncomfortable

It may seem obvious, but if you notice a decreased comfort throughout your home, your HVAC system is not working as efficiently as it should be.

You may notice some rooms throughout your home that feel warmer than others or unpleasant smells coming from the AC. Odors can be a sign of mildew or mold from leaks that could mean costly repairs.

3.   It makes unusual noises

Air conditioning units often make weird noises when a motor is wearing out or when a part loosens or needs replacing. Older HVAC systems can become very loud with odd sounds that may make you worry about your safety.

Loud noises are an indication your AC needs more repair than usual. Although you can replace the parts, it won’t be long before the system gives in entirely and needs to be completely upgraded.

4.   You’ve owned the AC unit for over a decade

The US Department of Energy found that replacing an air conditioner older than 10 years with a new Energy Star model will save you 20 percent on your energy bills.

HVAC systems typically last for about a decade, even if they have been adequately maintained. After 10 years, you’ll start to see higher energy bills and increased repair costs.

5.   It needs frequent repairs

Over time, your AC is bound to need repairs and servicing by a technician. However, if you notice your system has had frequent maintenance in a short period of time, it’s a sign it needs upgrading.

You could keep replacing parts or maintaining your current unit, but you could save money by investing that money in a newer model.

Although regular maintenance is key to the longevity of your air conditioner when problems constantly occur, it will save costs by investing in an upgrade. A service technician is the best option to carry out repair work to prevent more damage and advise you on the health of your HVAC system to reduce your bills.

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