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7 Ways to Save Money On Your AC

As the temperature increases, you may be worried about what that means for your air conditioning use. Chances are good you’ll need to turn on the AC to keep your home comfortable. However, when it comes to air conditioning in Panama City, FL, efficiency is a big deal, especially on the sweltering days of the hot, humid summer. There are a few simple things you can do to boost your AC efficiency so you can remain cool while also keeping your energy bills in check with your goals.

#1: Invest in Smart Temperature Control

One of the most important steps you can take to improve your home’s energy efficiency is having a smart thermostat. A variety of Smart HVAC systems exist, but they all provide a core benefit – they offer automation. That means there’s less chance that your AC is running when no one is home.

#2: Have an AC Check Up

Having a professional out to provide a comprehensive air conditioner checkup is also a very important part of maintaining your system. It can help you ensure all components are working properly while also minimizing any excessive wear and tear throughout the year.

#3: Consider Solar Screens

You may be ready to invest in solar screens if the Florida sun is causing your home’s heating bills to rise. These are mesh-like screens that work to block out up to 70 percent of the heat. That reduces how much heat transfer happens in your home. When there’s less heat, your AC has to work less, lowering your bill.

#4: Keep Ceiling Fans Moving

Sometimes, you don’t need a lower temperature as much as you need air movement. Ceiling fans in your main living spaces may help to reduce the need to lower your cooling temperatures significantly. They can help circulate the cool air and take some of the burden off of the AC system to do that.

#5: Add Some Cooling Shade Trees

A good way to reduce the workload on your AC system is to reduce the amount of heat getting into your home. Placing a few shade trees around your home may help to block some of that sunlight. That is a natural way of reducing how much the sun heats up the interior of your home. It’s also good for overall heat maintenance in the winter months.

#6: Ensure Your Heating System Is Efficient

It’s also important to work with your AC team to make sure the current air conditioner you are using is efficient. That’s critical—if the EER rating is too low, you may be spending too much to keep your home cool throughout the year. An upgrade could help to reduce these costs.

#7: Look for Leaks

Check around your doors and windows for any gaps. These gaps allow the cooled air to escape, forcing your home’s cooling system to work harder to keep your temperatures controlled.

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