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Does Your Thermostat Need Replacing?

wireless-smart-thermostat-controlled-outside-housePerhaps the most easily misunderstood and least memorable part of your air conditioning system is none other than the thermostat. Even though you use it daily, it’s easy to take it for granted that this device is your only way of communicating to the air conditioner.

When it works, it works… when it doesn’t, it doesn’t. But as it turns out, it’s not always that simple. There are a few reasons that your thermostat could be working against you without you realizing it. In those cases, you might want to consider a thermostat upgrade.

You’re Not Using a Digital Thermostat

In the modern day of air conditioning, you must have at least a digital thermostat. Simply having an electronic display with the exact temperature on it goes a long way in ensuring accuracy and efficiency. The older thermostats without screens—those with slides or dials—are prone to being inaccurate. The technology of these older devices simply is not as precise. Plus, the age of the device alone is already working against you.

Aside from that, digital thermostats offer a whole new dimension of efficiency. These thermostats are equipped with simple programmable functions that allow you to schedule your heating and cooling cycles throughout the day or week. This, alone, eliminates human error and ensures that your system will only turn on when required. Consistency with temperature goes a long way in reducing your monthly energy bill.

It Was Installed in a Bad Place

Even if you have the most advanced thermostat on the market, there is one case where it will be inaccurate and inefficient:

Bad placement.

If an amateur or inexperienced HVAC contractor places your thermostat in the wrong spot, it can inaccurately record temperatures in the home. That, of course, will lead to inefficiency problems and might even leave the temperature at an uncomfortable spot.

Examples of bad spots include in direct sunlight, above air vents, near the kitchen, in the hallway, or near windows and door.

You Simply Want Something Easier to Use

If there’s technically nothing wrong with your thermostat, but it isn’t doing what you want it to, looking into smart and WiFi thermostats would be the next best option. These thermostats are available from several different brands and work differently with each kind of air conditioner, so it’s important to have an air conditioning company in Southport, FL to go over your options.

Regardless of what brand you choose, though, they mostly share the same characteristics.

  • Learned Behavior: The thermostat will learn how you prefer to heat and cool your home, and then changing the temperature for you.
  • Wireless Adjusting: Not going to be home in time? You can adjust the temperature through your phone or computer, from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Alerts and Efficiency: The thermostat can alert you, via smartphone or tablet, when the temperature has dropped or risen below certain temperatures. This is helpful when you want to monitor efficiency.

Does your thermostat need an upgrade? We can help you find out! Contact Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc., Keeping Bay County COOL since 1993.

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