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Heat Pump Efficiency Issues You Should Handle ASAP

Heat pumps are typically super-efficient. It’s often one of the reasons we get homeowners asking us about these systems for their homes. If you have a heat pump, then we’re sure that you’ve experienced the best of this efficiency. But what happens when you notice that the efficiency has started to decline?

This can be a problem for so many in our area around this time. This is because we live in sunny Florida. We run our air conditioner the majority of the year and it’s likely that your heat pump is going to feel the strain of this. We can help you alleviate this issue. We can start today with heat pump repair in Panama City, FL

Heat Pump Efficiency Issues

Here are a few heat pump issues that you might have that denote efficiency issues.

You’re Not Cool Enough

Now that you’re using your heat pump in cooling mode, you want to make sure that you’re cool enough. If this isn’t the case in your home, then it’s time for you to make a change sooner than later. We’ve got a long warm season ahead of us and any problems that you’re having now that go unaddressed will only get worse with time. Make sure that you’ve got a clean filter in your system first. If you do, then it might be time for repair services. 

Your Heat Pump Is Blowing Warm  Air

The last thing you want your heat pump to do in the middle of warm weather is to blow warm air. Warm air is a sign that your heat pump may be running, but it’s definitely not running properly. A problem like this is a clear sign of efficiency issues. Even if you think that you’re getting along fine now, more problems will come with time. We can help you repair your system to bypass this issue. 

Strange Scents

Your heat pump shouldn’t emit many scents. Unfortunately, it’s common for heat pumps that are in a state of disrepair to start smelling like a dirty sock. If this is a scent you’ve noticed or if you’ve noticed any other scent lingering in your home, then it means that it’s time to repair your heat pump. You don’t want to let things get out of hand here. Weird scents are often the sign that that’s something building up one of your indoor evaporator coils. 

Heat Pump Running Constantly

Have you noticed that your home’s heat pump is running constantly? This isn’t a good sign. This is typically a clear sign that your home’s heat pump isn’t running in an efficient manner. Instead, your system is likely running up a high energy bill this season while also falling short when it comes to providing adequate comfort. If this is your problem, then we recommend you change the settings on your thermostat first. Sometimes an incorrect thermostat setting can make things much more difficult than they need to be for your home to perform. 

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