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Air is Money: Here’s How to Keep Your Energy Bill Low

duct-sealing-in-atticEvery bit of cool air that you don’t use is wasted money! Okay, we might be talking only in pennies, but it does add up. There are a few ways you can hang onto those pennies that many air conditioning users in Parker, FL might not know about. Below are some ways you can save a little extra on your energy bills every month, as well as some information on ways you might be losing money without even knowing it.

Duct Sealing

For cooling and heating your entire home, nothing beats a duct system. Ducts even allow certain add-ons like humidifiers or dehumidifiers to be installed in them, adding that functionality to your entire home.

However, there is one drawback concerning ducts. To work at their maximum efficiency, they need to remain airtight. Unfortunately, ducts can develop leaks or tears over time, either due to a bad installation or through poor quality materials.

So how much harm can a few leaks do? It’s estimated that an entire 20 to 30 percent of air can be lost through duct leaks. Worse yet, it means that the rooms in your house won’t be able to receive the cool air, meaning it will have to work harder to reach the temperature set on your thermostat.

Upgraded Thermostat

With a better thermostat, you can save money in your sleep.

Two of the best thermostats you can get right now are the smart and wireless ones. They both function essentially the same, but the wireless thermostat allows you to control it from anywhere with an internet connection using an app on your phone or computer.

First off, they both have programming abilities that let you create a cooling or heating schedule. You simply create a schedule that prioritizes efficiency and let the thermostat do its work. Second, the extra features of the wireless thermostat can bring some extra customization. If you know you won’t be home until later than you expected, you can turn off the AC, thus saving some money for that extra, unused time.

Regular Maintenance

We have to say it, and not just because we’re an HVAC company. Regular maintenance is the key to AC efficiency. In fact, AC efficiency ratings were created on the basis that regular maintenance is performed.

To understand why maintenance is so important, it helps to look at the AC system like a car. If you’ve ever bought a used car, you know that you’re supposed to stay away from cars with high mileage. Yet, you also know that some cars can have high mileage and still perform very well, simply because they’ve been taken care of regularly.

Although you’d never want to buy a used AC, the principle is the same: a regularly maintained AC is going to outlast its expected lifespan. With stellar treatment comes less wear-and-tear, more efficient performance, and less broken parts. Any time that your AC is operating below standard performance, it means increased energy usage.

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