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How to Keep Your AC Going Strong

hand drawing check box on a white backgroundValentine’s Day is around the corner and love is on our mind. What’s the one thing that’s always there, that keeps you feeling good, and that’s dependable no matter what? That’s right—your air conditioner! Having a reliable system for air conditioning in Panama City, FL is a necessity, and taking care of it is important, too.

We know that it might seem a little early for this because the weather is a little cold, but you’re going to need these tips sooner than later. In our region, it’s hot often so it’s always a great time to be prepared to take care of your AC unit. 

How to Help Your AC

Here are a few ways that you can help your home’s air conditioning system:

Check and Switch Out Your Air Filter

Your home’s air conditioner has an air filter. You should make sure that you’re maintaining it on a regular basis. All you have to do is switch out your home’s filter once a season or every three months. A fresh filter is a simple addition to your home that’s going to help you keep your air conditioner clean. A clean air conditioner is going to mean optimized cooling and even better energy efficiency too.

Maintain Your Ductwork

Your ductwork isn’t going to be perfect all the time. Years of use will eventually wear the system down. If you’re looking to maintain your home’s ductwork system, then you’re going to need the help of a professional like the ones on our team. We can test your ductwork to understand the weak points and seal them up.

Don’t Ignore Your Needs

If you know that you need repair work, don’t ignore them. We know that you’re never looking forward to calling a technician for repair service, but it is important. The sooner repairs are taken care of the better it will be for your comfort and your energy costs.

Always Schedule Maintinance

We know that maintenance can be a hard thing to time here. In most places, you want to get your home’s heater maintained in the fall in preparation for winter and your air conditioner maintained in the spring maintained for the summer. The tricky part about Florida is that our summers are long, and our winters are short. The timing is a little off. Maintenance can be personal to you. Just make sure you schedule one appointment for each part of your HVAC system annually.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit in Great Shape

When people who don’t live in Florida think of our state, they imagine sunny blue skies and days by the beach. We live here though and we know that we face our fair share of inclement weather. It actually gets quite cold here in the winter with a number of nasty storms in the warm season. We also have humid weather almost every single day. With all the chaos our climate can create, it is important to keep an eye on your outdoor unit.  Make sure to keep your outdoor unit clean. Don’t let any branches, palm fronds, or other debris cover or mess with your system.

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