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What to Look For in a Local HVAC Contractor

friendly-hvac-technicianWith all the excess information out there on the internet, we frequently run into “choice overload.” All the potential options make us hesitate to make any choice at all. When it comes to needing HVAC services, it seems like everyone out there on the internet can be a professional.

When it comes to finding the right HVAC contractor for the job, we can’t help you with choice overload. At the very least, we can tell you just a few key indicators that make up a good professional HVAC contractor in Lynn Haven, FL.

Backed by a Guarantee

A real HVAC technician won’t just guarantee work, they’ll even back it up with a warranty. We’ve heard phrases like “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back” so much that, sometimes, we can’t help but tune them out. But a real HVAC professional would never advertise a guarantee if they weren’t going to stand behind it.

A contractor willing to give you your money back is one of the differences between a professional and an amateur. For example, a friend who insists on practicing his DIY skills on your AC most likely doesn’t have the funds or the professional integrity to offer compensation for any damage he’ll do to your system.

Knowledge of Manufacturer Warranties

A professional HVAC contractor will know the manufacturer warranties for your HVAC system. Why is this so important? An inexperienced professional can void the warranty of your AC by not doing proper repairs or maintenance.

Depending on the brand of your system, there are a number of warranties for your device that must be met or maintained to stay in good standing with the manufacturer. For example, replacing parts can void the warranty if poor-quality parts are used. In other cases, something as simple as neglecting to register the HVAC system in a certain length of time can also void the warranty.

After an AC installation or repair, nothing will put your mind at ease more than a professional who can answer any of your questions about manufacturer warranties.

They Assess Your Home or Building Before Recommending a System

Don’t listen to an HVAC contractor that wants to give you a top-of-the-line system without first listening to your needs. Before they install anything, they’ll need to do some serious math to know how much power it requires to cool all the space in your home or business. This part of the process simply cannot be overlooked.

At the same time, they should also be listening to your needs as the customer. Depending on how you plan to use your air conditioning and how much money you want to spend on it every month in energy bills, the type of AC unit you need will vary. For example, your needs may only require that of a ductless system instead of an entire central air conditioning system (the opposite can also easily be true). You won’t know for sure, though, until speaking with a professional.

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