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Reasons for a Loud Air Conditioner

woman-covering-ears-due-to-loud-ac-noises“Was my air conditioner always this loud?”

You might be onto something. A loud air conditioner is definitely not a good thing, and depending on the types of noises you’re hearing, it could be enough to warrant a call for AC repairs in Panama City, FL. Regular maintenance is usually enough to prevent any of these problems before they start, but we also know that sometimes things can get knocked loose or deteriorate without an easy explanation.

Let’s go over a few loud AC noises and sounds that should be cause for concern.

The Sound of Rushing Air

When you first set the thermostat to a temperature, you should hear a click and, very soon after, the sound of the AC beginning to blow air. However, this noise shouldn’t be competing with your conversations. If you find the noise of rushing air to be startlingly loud or distracting, to the point that it’s disrupting your normal speaking voice, it’s possible that you have an oversized unit.

An oversized AC means a system that’s too powerful for your home. The only reason your unit would be oversized is if the HVAC technician who installed it did not do a good job of estimating your power needs. If this is truly the case, you should watch for symptoms of short-cycling. That would include the AC turning on and off too frequently, the home taking a long time to cool, and higher than normal energy bills. Unfortunately, the only way to fix short-cycling is by replacing the entire AC system.

However, if you are not experiencing short-cycling symptoms, it’s possible that there are leaks in your air ducts. If so, the air would rush through these leaks and could create a similar sound.

Troublesome Noises

While the sound of air is one kind of noise, and one that is normal in most cases, the other type would be the more troublesome noises that we know machines shouldn’t be making. These include things like scratching, grinding, banging, and more. There are various noises to look out for that could be considered a cry for help from your AC.

Banging and Clanking: These kinds of blunt noises are usually the sign of loose or broken parts. You’ll want to have a professional check for loose parts, broken connecting rods, or unbalanced fans.

Clicking: Clicking is a common noise with electrical components. When you first set your thermostat, you should hear some normal, healthy clicking. However, constant clicking is not normal and suggests a problem. The thermostat, capacitors, or other electrical components could all be responsible for these noises.

Screaming or Hissing: If you’re hearing these types of noises, you should shut off the AC immediately and call for a professional. These represent potential problems that can be dangerous if left ignored. These noises could be caused by the sound of refrigerant leaking through the coils, or it could be a problem with the pressure in the compressor. Refrigerant leaks and compressor problems are some of the most difficult to deal with if allowed to get worse.

Do you hear trouble? Don’t ignore it! Contact Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. today for comprehensive AC maintenance and repairs.

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