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Reasons Your AC Isn’t Starting Up

woman-hot-in-front-of-fanIt’s summer! The kids are out of school, the temperatures are high, and your tan is coming along swimmingly. What could go wrong? Well, if you let that small air conditioning problem you’re experiencing now snowball into a bigger issue, you could put your system at risk. The last thing that you want is an AC breakdown in the middle of summer! Take note of any and all of the small issues accumulating in your home, jot them down, and then call our team. We can help you if you need great AC repair in Panama City, FL. We’ll help you keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

What’s Going On?

If your air conditioner won’t start, the first question on your mind is probably, “what’s going on?” Unfortunately, there are a lot of different reasons why your AC won’t start. Luckily, our professionals have listed some of the most common issues below. If you need extra assistance solving the issue we can come out to your home and tune up your system in no time.

You Have Electrical Wiring Issues: This is typically the top reason why your air conditioner won’t start. There are so many wires that connect all the various, winding parts of your air conditioning system. Wires can break or erode over time. If you think this might be the source of your issues then you need a professional from our team. Electrical issues are just as complicated as they are dangerous. We have trained professionals ready to help you solve your problems fast.

You Have a Failing Startup Capacitor: Your air conditioner has so many parts in it, but your startup capacitor is one of the most important components. Your startup capacitor exists to store and supply energy for your home. It takes a lot of energy to get your air conditioner to run so if your startup capacitor starts to fail in any way you’ll notice it. This part of your air conditioner is built to last, but it can’t necessarily last forever. If you need to replace your capacitor make sure you contact our team.

You Have a Refrigerant Problem: There’s a really common misconception about refrigerant—so many homeowners think that their refrigerant can “run out.” We want to highlight the fact that this isn’t the case. If your refrigerant has “run out” it’s solely because you have a leak on your hands. Leaks like this can arise for a variety of reasons. The last thing you want to do is call out an amateur to “top off” your refrigerant. Instead, you want to call our team and have our experienced professionals fix your issues.

Your System is Dirty: Don’t underestimate the weight of a dirty air conditioning system. If vital components of your air conditioner like the evaporator, filter, or condenser are dirty the situation can become so severe that it prevents your AC unit from operating.

AC failure is a big problem in any home. Contact our team at Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. if you’re experiencing this problem.

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