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Surprising Reasons to Change Your Home’s Air Filter

filter-duct-handYou might not realize how important an air filter is to the operation of your heating and air conditioning equipment. Yes, the filter helps to protect against many of the allergens and pollutants that make you feel ill. But it’s also a shield for your air conditioning system. Its defenses are down, though, when the filter is covered in dirt or debris.

We go over more of this concept in today’s guide, and show you just what happens when you neglect to change the filter. For more information, reach out to our expert technicians for a visit or for expert advice.

The wellbeing of your system

The blower fan sucks in air through a filter before heating or cooling it and sending it out to the vents of the home. The filter is meant to stop it from also sucking in debris that could damage your system. But when the filter is clogged, it suddenly cannot do its job.

Worse, the blower fan cannot suck in much air at all. That means that you don’t feel very comfortable. Besides, the air conditioner was designed to take in a certain amount of air with each cycle, and any reduction can interfere with the function of the system.

To prevent repairs

The blower fan in the heater or air conditioner is susceptible to becoming overworked when circumstances within the system change. When an air filter blocks airflow, a fan has to work a lot harder to keep you comfortable.

The blower fan may require premature replacement when you don’t regularly change the filter. In an air conditioner or heat pump, you also have to deal with the possibility of coils freezing with limited airflow, and this is a bad sign for your system. So many of the repairs we see are easily prevented by simply changing the air filter every few months.

To lower monthly costs

You might feel like purchasing a filter every 1-3 months is not a good use of your money. But it can actually help to keep costs lower in your monthly bills. When your fan is working overtime, your bills reflect it. This may not seem like a significant amount, but it could add up—especially when you factor in what you are saving on potential repairs.

To keep your system for longer

This one may sound like a bit of a stretch if you started this article thinking that the air filter was nothing more than a trap for pet hair and dust. But your system really can wear out quickly when the air filter is rarely, if ever, replaced.

This simply puts unnecessary strain on your air conditioning system and that wear and tear takes its toll when the system’s lifespan draws to a close. The potential for malfunctioning and early replacement is not worth it when it’s so easy to change your filter!

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