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It’s Time To Take Your AC Seriously

checking-box-on-clear-surfaceWhen summer comes in Florida, you know that you’re going to be spending a fair share of money on your air conditioning bills. You can expect to spend a little more, but we never want it to get to the point where you’re spending an excessive amount of money on your cooling.

Yes, it’s hot here in Florida but that doesn’t mean that you should go broke just trying to avoid breaking a sweat. If you’re trying to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning in Lynn Haven, FL, then you can come to the professionals here. We’ve compiled some of the best tips below to help you out. If you find yourself need a little more from your air conditioner even after implementing these tips, then it might be time for something like AC repair. We’ll help you with this too. Just get in contact with our team as soon as possible.

The Best AC Tips For Summer

Here are a few no-cost things that you can to do help out your air conditioner.

1.      Keep Your Vents Clear

Take a quick walk through your home—do you have anything blocking your home’s vents?

It’s not a good thing if you do. Keeping your home’s vents clear is imperative. It’s what’s going to give your conditioned air clear, unadulterated access to you.

2.      Keep Heating Producing Appliances Away From Your Thermostat

Make sure that you keep your heat-generating appliances away from your thermostat. Your thermostat is constantly reading the temperature of your room, but if your thermostat is placed right behind a heat-generating lamp, then it’s time to move it. These appliances will run make your air conditioner run longer and harder than it actually has to.

3.      Increase Your Thermostat

We know it’s hot, but if you’re being realistic, you’re not actually going to want your home to be 68-degrees—at least not for long. Set your thermostat to a milder temperature and wait.

4.      Keep Your Blinds Closed

Natural light is pleasant, and it can lift your mood, but it can also slow down the process of your cooling. Close your blinds when you want to cool off your home fast.

5.      Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

If you have leaks or gapping anywhere in your home, make sure that you’re insulating your space. We tend to think about insulation a little more in winter, but it’s important to keep your cool air inside during summer too.

6.      Change Your Filter

We don’t suggest that you do many things on your own when it comes to your air conditioner. One thing that you can do though—you can change your home’s air conditioning filter. Changing your filter allows your air conditioner to have a clean, primed system. It’s going to make your home cooler and help you save money too.

7.      Use Your Fan

If you have a ceiling fan in your home make sure you’re using it! A ceiling fan is one of your home’s best allies on a hot day. Ceiling fans cool you down. Make sure that you’re running your ceiling fan when you’re trying to battle the high heat of a Florida afternoon.

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