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Was Summer Rough on Your AC?

We all look forward to summer, right? School is out, the weather is warm, and you can spend more time outdoors. But what if your air conditioner hasn’t been able to perform the way you want it to this summer?

If there’s a problem with your air conditioning in Panama City, FL, then you can count on our professionals to figure things out with your system. There are a few ways that summer can run down your air conditioning system. We think that it’s always best to have a strong understanding of how different factors impact your system. We’ll run through a few below.

How Summer Might Have Hurt Your Air Conditioner

Here are a few ways that your air conditioner might have fallen under the weather this summer season.

1.      A Bad Part Hurting Your System

If your air conditioning service has rapidly declined over the course of this season, then you more than likely have a bad part hurting your air conditioning system. Let’s say that you have a loose part rattling around in your air conditioning system. The bad part about this is that this part can start to rattle around and start to hurt other parts of your air conditioning system. Don’t let a bad part hurt your home.

2.      A Lack of Maintenance Dragging Your System Down

You should have your air conditioner maintained every single spring season. This is like your air conditioner’s version of a good stretch and a warm up before a race. Going without this type of care is only going to leave your system vulnerable to further breakdowns.

3.      Outdated Parts

When was the last time you updated the necessary parts of your home’s air conditioning system? If you haven’t upgraded your thermostat in a while, then it’s definitely time for you to improve this necessary system.

We suggest that you start with your home’s thermostat. A thermostat upgrade is always a great idea because it allows you to command your entire HVAC system with more precise control. Choosing a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat is the best way to save yourself money and improve your home comfort.

4.      A Dirty Air Filter

You should change your air conditioner’s filter once every season. You should make this a habit because a fresh filter ensures that you can have an air conditioning system that’s free of any debris, dust, or other small particles. Clearing the pathway for your system’s airflow to operate will save you time, energy, and money as well.

5.      Bad Insulation

Does your home have the proper amount of insulation? If it doesn’t, then you’re never going to feel the full benefit of the cool air in your home. This is because the cool air will leave as soon as it arrives if there’s no insulation in place to keep it within your four walls.

Bad insulation is going to leave you unsatisfied. If you’d like to improve your overall home efficiency, then it’s important for you to start with the foundation.

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