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What Air Conditioners Have in Common With Cars

question-markSure, your air conditioner and your car are both expensive machines that you invested a lot of money in… But the similarities between them go far beyond that. They’re both machines that need consistent care and attention if you want them to live up to their potential.

Most car owners will get their cars checked for maintenance and repairs without a second thought. Yet, these same individuals might think much less of their air conditioning systems in Panama City Beach. But as you’ll see in reading this post, the two should be treated with the same amount of care and attention.

You Don’t Want an Amateur Working on Them

When you take your car in for repairs or maintenance, the absolute last thing you want is someone less than a qualified professional to handle it. Your standards should be no lower for your air conditioner!

Some homeowners might try to shortcut AC repair costs by hiring a handyman, but we can assure them that doing so is just inviting the risk of a greater problem developing.

They Need Maintenance If You Expect Them to Last

After being driven a certain number of miles, a car will require a maintenance check. At that point, the car is inspected and tuned-up to maintain efficiency and prevent repair issues from occurring. Likewise, air conditioners should have maintenance before every cooling season to ensure that they’ll remain in good shape throughout the season.

When both machines are maintained properly throughout their lifespan, there’s a much higher chance that they’ll continue to operate well, even if they’re “old” at that point. If you’ve ever shopped for a used car before, you’ll know that a low-mileage doesn’t necessarily mean the car is in good shape—it all depends on how well it was maintained.

Repairs Are Needed at the First Sign of an Issue

If you turn on the car and the “check engine” light comes on, that’s your car trying to tell you that something is wrong—whether it’s something minor or serious. Either way, you know that neglecting to have it checked can end with you broke down on the side of the road.

While air conditioners don’t have check engine lights, they have their own way of showing that they need repairs. Spikes in your cooling bill, strange noises, and operational issues are just a few. Having it investigated immediately is in your best interest if you don’t want your AC to break at the hottest time of the year.

In either case, neglecting a repair issue can cause that issue to get worse. Or, it can cause more problems to develop, turning your simple repair issue into something much more expensive.

MPG and SEER Aren’t Guarantees

Miles-per-gallon and the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio are both ratings—for your car and your air conditioner, respectively—that provide some measure of how efficiently your machine uses its fuel source.

However, both of these measurements are potentials. They represent how well your machine can operate during the best conditions. You won’t be able to hit that maximum potential unless your machine is properly maintained.

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