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Why You Should Get AC Maintenance Now, Not Later

ac-maintenanceWe’ve just hit that time of year where our HVAC systems are finally going to be taking a break. It’s not cold enough for our heaters, but it’s not warm enough yet to be running the air conditioning.

And it’s that time of year exactly that you should consider getting your AC maintenance done and over with. Does it seem a little too early? Actually, we’d argue that it’s right on time. Here’s why:

It’s Easier to Put it Off If You Wait

If you’re the type who procrastinates on these kinds of things, there’s a good chance you might not want to get AC maintenance right before you plan to use it, either. The problem is that you then might be tempted to start running your AC without having that maintenance performed at all.

“I’m sure it will run just fine, and if it doesn’t, we’ll call immediately.”

The problem with this thinking is that your AC doesn’t have to be showing warning signs in order for it to be underperforming. Your AC’s components can be struggling to operate without it necessarily leading to a breakdown or repair issue. By the time it finally does hit that breakdown, however, you’ll know that it has been struggling for some time. At that point, you’ll be fitting the bill for the central AC repair as well as the inefficiency.

Beat the Summer Rush

It should come as no surprise that, when summer hits, we’ll be busy running around the city helping people with their repair issues, installations, and replacements. So what happens if, in the middle of summer, your AC suddenly has a repair issue and it cannot operate? You’ll be on the waiting list and will have to sit and suffer through the heat, as unfortunate as that sounds.

A good maintenance check before the summer will drastically reduce your chances of encountering such an issue. After all, it’s said that up to 85% of HVAC issues can be prevented with maintenance.

Determine Now if You Need Replacement

Another bad scenario would be to find out that your AC has kicked the bucket right in the middle of summer (which would be natural, since your old AC would be working its hardest for you). Not only are you stuck without an air conditioner at the worst possible time, but you’re now being rushed into making a decision. While you certainly have a budget set aside for the occasional AC service, you weren’t anticipating an entire replacement… Before you know it, you’ll be signing up to install the cheapest AC in the catalog.

We find that most homeowners are OK with saving some money and investing in a higher-efficiency model. By settling for the AC that you need instead of want, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll find yourself stuck with an AC that is more expensive to operate.

Early maintenance will help you determine if your current AC should be replaced or not so that you can start doing research and setting aside money for the ideal, new system.

Is it time for your air conditioning maintenance? Contact Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule a service.

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