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You Need Commercial Care

Inspecting-roof-top-unitIf you own or operate a commercial facility or building in Bay County, where do you go when you need service for its HVAC system? Do you look to a building “handyperson,” someone who will come in and tinker with the AC and see if they can get it back in order? Or do you go to whatever HVAC company you’re familiar with, even if they mostly work with residential systems?

We want to be clear about this: when you need commercial HVAC care, the people you need for the job are professional specialists. You shouldn’t settle for anything less, because far too much depends on your commercial HVAC in Panama City, FL

What Sets the Commercial HVAC Professionals Apart

When it comes to commercial HVAC service, the only choice is specialists. There are several reasons to always go with an experienced professional team rather than a “handyperson” or HVAC techs who don’t have a commercial background:

  • Licensed and Insured: Commercial HVAC professionals have the proper licensing for the work—licensing from the state—which guarantees the contractor has the required amount of insurance coverage. You never want uninsured people fiddling around with HVAC equipment in your building, because you could end up liable for damages to the system, to the property, or for injuries a worker sustains. You have legal protection when you work with licensed pros.
  • Code Compliance: Your business must meet all local building and health codes to continue to operate. Work done by amateurs to vital systems like your air conditioning can create violations that may cause your business to temporarily shut down until the problems are addressed. This isn’t a risk you want to take. Commercial experts take code compliance seriously and understand all local codes so they can keep your building in compliance. 
  • Technology: The tools and equipment used in commercial HVAC advance with the same speed as other business technology—but you cannot trust amateurs to be on the cutting edge. Professionals know all the latest developments and upgrade their equipment to ensure the best work. They also train their technicians continually to ensure they understand the most recent advances in equipment they may find in clients’ facilities.
  • Accurate Diagnosis: When a commercial facility needs repairs for its HVAC system, half the battle is a correct diagnosis of the problem. Getting to the bottom of HVAC issues can be difficult because of the complexity of the systems. Only commercial specialists can provide an accurate diagnosis to ensure the problem is addressed.
  • Speed: When you require HVAC service for your business, you don’t want to have lengthy interruptions to your work schedule. Professional technicians won’t rush, but they will also do all service in a timely manner and get out soon so you can get back to work. 

You can trust our technicians to see you receive the finest professional care for your HVAC system: we’re licensed and insured, keep up-to-date with the best technology, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll see that any work is done right or it’s free.

Schedule commercial service with Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. Keeping Bay County cool since 1993.

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