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Ductless Systems are Still a Great Option!


One of the best things about living in Panama City is our weather. The holidays just passed, and the new year is right around the corner, but we’re still experiencing mild, pleasant temperatures. They might be a little chilly for us, but in the grand scheme of things, the low 50s to mid 60s is a breeze. We understand that winter isn’t always your focus when you live in a climate like this. Somehow, the cold weather always seems to sneak up on us.

If you feel like you’re a little under-prepared for the cold weather that’s upon us, you can schedule an appointment with our professionals. We specialize in keeping your home comfortable throughout all seasons here. If you’re ready to make a switch in the way that you temperature control your home, we can point you in the right direction.

What’s a Ductless HVAC System?

Let’s start from the beginning. We don’t want you sitting and scratching your head over the term “ductless heating and air conditioning” so we’re going to make sure that we iron out all the details first. A ductless system (also commonly referred to as a ductless mini split) is a heat pump system that doesn’t rely on the centralized ductwork in your home. Instead, ductless systems use individualized air handlers installed throughout your home to give you personalized comfort.

Since ductless systems are heat pumps, it means that they can both heat and cool your home from these air handlers. Since these air handlers are individualized, it also means that you can combat the natural heating and cooling imbalances you might face in your home without the hassle of zoning your entire space. Ductless heating and air conditioning systems are an effective, reliable way to temperature control your home.

Why Consider One for You?

So, why should you consider a ductless heating and cooling system for your home? Here are a just a few compelling reasons to make the switch:

  • You Struggle with Heating and Cooling Imbalances: It’s natural to have a certain level of heating and cooling imbalance in your home. After all, heat rises so living in a two-story home might mean that your second floor is a little stuffy and rooms with more natural light might run a little hotter. If you want to work around these natural imbalances, the air handlers in a heat exchanger can help you get the job done.
  • You Want to Pay Less for Your Comfort: A ductless heating and air conditioning system can help you get comfort where you need it rather than where you have to have it. Individualized air handlers mean that you can run your AC or heating in individual rooms rather than throughout your home, costing you less in the long run.
  • You Want Better Efficiency: Are you tired of trying to get your current heating or cooling system to run efficiently? If no amount of repair or tune-up appointments can make your system run the way you need it to, then it might be time to make the switch to a ductless heating and air conditioning system.

Contact Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our professionals for your ductless heating and air conditioning services in Panama City, FL. Serving the Panama City Area since 1993.

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