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Do You Have Lingering Heating Problems?

Last week we talked about getting your heater ready for winter. This week, we want to talk about handling those heating problems that rolled over from last year to this year. It’s more common than you think. You reached that period last year where winter started to transition into spring. You were so excited about the new season and the new time of year that you brushed the heating problems that you had to the side and forget about it. Now you’ve fired up your heater this winter and all your heating problems have returned to you.

It’s time to call us for heating repair in Panama City, FL. We’re going to find the source of your heating problem, fix the issue, and set you up to have a successful winter in Florida. We only want you to have the best workaround.

The Heating Issue That Didn’t Go Away

Do any of these heating issues sound familiar? This is a sign that you should schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’re going to make sure that you have the right heating service.

1.      Low Airflow

Have you noticed that you have exceptionally low airflow in your home? It used to take your heater about 10-15 minutes to heat your home up. Now though, it seems to take your heater all day to heat up your space. You know something is off about your heater, but you can’t put a finger on it. Low airflow is a sign that you’re having heating trouble. You can come to us to straighten things out.

2.      Ineffective Heating

Would you define your home’s heating as ineffective? This is a sign that you’re struggling to get your home’s heating where it needs to be. A struggling heater in Florida is a heater that’s really struggling. Our winter weather is mild. You’re going to need a professional if your heater can’t keep up.

3.      High Heating Bills

Have you noticed that your home’s heating bills are just… well… unreasonable as of lately? You run your heater as you always have but now your heating bills are nothing short of shocking. You need to call us. We can help you pinpoint your inefficiency problem and fix it.

4.      Troubling Heating Sounds

Your heater is the thing that goes “bump” in the night. In addition to those “bumps,” you might hear grating, rattling, scraping, and many other troubling sounds. This means that you’re going to need help from our team. Each sound indicates a specific issue and we’re the ones who can decode it for you. Call today to get the help you need.

5.      Excess Dust

If you were playing one of those “one of these things isn’t like the other” games, this would probably be the outlier. We know that your eyebrows might have raised reading this header. It’s really a significant heating problem though. Dust endlessly circulating throughout your home is an issue. If you notice dust moving throughout your home without end, then it means that your heater is under the weather. We’ll help you get it back on track.

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