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How Do Smart Thermostats Compare With Older Ones?

thermostat-with-very-cool-wallpaperYou may have heard of smart thermostats, but maybe you’re left wondering why these ones are so great. And what does that make your current thermostat? A dumb thermostat?

We’ll be the first to admit for you that you don’t need a brand-new smart thermostat to be comfortable in your home. And if you use your current thermostat wisely, you can still be very efficient. However, monitoring it that much requires some serious dedication.

The appeal of a smart thermostat is that it can remain efficient with more discipline and dedication than you can—it will do all the work for you.

We’ll explain the differences between smart and non-smart thermostats to help you decide if a smart thermostat is right for you.

Your Non-Smart Thermostat is Probably Okay, But…

Most thermostats are quite reliable. You can go for several years without ever needing to have them repaired or upgraded. However, for their respective pros and cons, there are some issues that prevent them from reaching truly stellar efficiency.

Mechanical Thermostats

Sorry, we lied a little… There aren’t really any pros for mechanical thermostats other than that yours might still be working. The cons, alone, are substantial enough that it’s worth upgrading.

The biggest issue is that these thermostats are controlled with a slide or a dial, which can be inaccurate up to a few degrees. It may not sound like a lot until you’re doing a close study of your heating and cooling budget. Plus, general wear and tear may have made their sensors inaccurate.

Programmable Thermostats

Digital, programmable thermostats are the minimum of what you should have nowadays. These will make a dramatic difference in keeping your cooling and heating costs in Panama City Beach to a minimum. However, there’s a margin of error here to deal with: your schedule will only be as good as the scheduler. In other words, it can’t do anything to help if you like to frequently adjust the temperature.

Plus, there’s no way for your thermostat to know when you’re home or not. If you’re on vacation or simply decide to stay out a bit longer after work, the thermostat will keep cooling according to schedule, even if no one’s home.

A Smart Thermostat

So, what makes a smart thermostat so great? Mostly, it’s able to resolve all the negative aspects of mechanical and programmable thermostats:

  • Programmable for efficiency: The thermostat can track how much energy it uses daily and keep energy usage to a minimum, and also alerting you if your changes to the temperature will cost more.
  • Learning behaviors: Instead of letting your habits take over, the smart thermostat can anticipate your behaviors and make changes for you while helping to maintain efficient usage.
  • Avoids wasteful use: Depending on your brand of smart thermostat, they can help you avoid wasting energy. Some use wireless controls, allowing you to shut off the HVAC unit when you’re unexpectedly away from home. Others will be able to detect when people are home or not, adjusting itself automatically to help you save energy.

Need help deciding if you could use a new thermostat? Contact Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. today to speak with an expert.

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