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How to Save Money on Your Heating this Winter

money-pileDon’t you want to save a little money where you can in your home? Let’s face it—your HVAC system is expensive. We know that we’re the heating and cooling professionals here, but we’re not divorced from reality. We understand that your heating unit, air conditioning unit, and all the services that you need for both of these systems are expensive. That’s why we offer amazing financing programs to make your heating and cooling needs a reality.

Come to us for your heating in Panama City Beach, FL. We can make sure that you have the best heating services in our area that keep you warm through and through and keep your utility bills low. Here are a few simple ways that you can save yourself a great deal of money this winter.

Some Simple Winter Heating Tips

Here are just a few simple things that you can do to help out your heater and lower your bills this winter:

Always Go for Maintenance

One thing you always want to do is go for maintenance in your home. Your maintenance matters. Maintenance is the best way to ensure that you’re going to get flaw free service from your heater this winter. Our professionals can take a close look at your maintenance system, pinpoint any potential problems, and then fix these problems before they even become an outward issue. We’ve got your back.

Set Up Your Registers for Success

It’s easy to place furniture, posters, appliances, etc. in front of your registers without even thinking about it. Make sure that you move everything away from the registers in your home so that the air coming out of your vents is free flowing.

Turn Your Thermostat Down a Few Degrees

We know what you’re thinking—“Turn my thermostat down in winter?” We don’t want you to be cold, but often, you don’t realize that you can get warm even when your home’s thermostat is set to a mild temperature. It’s always best to set your home to a mild thermostat setting and wait for it to warm up rather than blasting high heat throughout your entire home.

Stay on Top of that Filter

Do you switch out your filter when you are supposed to? You should switch out the filter in your furnace at least once a season. If you’re not doing this then you’re running your heater into the ground and raising your heating bills unnecessarily.

Stop Heating Your Empty Home

Remember to turn your heater off when you leave your home for long periods of time. You can even turn your heater down to a very low temperature when you’re going to sleep at night. You don’t need heat blasting throughout your home during these time periods. Don’t waste energy by heating your home during these times. Instead, schedule an appointment with our professionals to get in touch with our team.

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