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Bad Heating? It Might Be Your Ducts

You’re finally ready to admit it. The heating in your home is bad. You’re struggling across the board with a wide variety of problems and you can’t seem to fix the issue. You replaced your filter, you’ve tuned up your heater, and you’ve even tried to troubleshoot here and there because you might have thought it was your thermostat. None of these things seem to be the source of the issue.

The source of the problem might be in your home’s ducts. If you need duct repair in Panama City, FL, then we’re the professionals who can help you through this process. Bad heating doesn’t have to plague your home. The sooner you call our professionals for service, the sooner we can knock out this issue for you.

The Signs of Bad Ductwork

You have a growing suspicion that something is going on with your home’s ductwork, but you’re not entirely sure. Here are some of the most pressing signs of a ductwork issue:

High Energy Bills

Your energy bills are higher than they ever have been before. The odd thing about this is that we’re not even at the coldest part of the winter season yet. You’ve had to turn on your heater more often in the evening, but you’d hardly say that you’re overusing your home’s heating system. This is when you call our professionals for ductwork services. Your home’s ductwork shouldn’t give you grief.

Odd Sounds

Your home whistles as it works. It’s also making some metallic popping and banging noises. This is a problem coming from your home’s ductwork. You’re literally hearing the sounds of your home’s ductwork deteriorating. You should take note of the sounds you’re hearing and we’re going to help you find exactly what you need.

Increased Amounts of Dust

You’re dusting every single day at this point. Your house feels like it’s turning into one giant speck of dust. The odd thing about this is that you’re actually seeing the effects of a deteriorating ductwork system. Calling us for duct services can help.

It’s Allergy Season… Year-Round

You’re constantly wheezing, breaking out into sneezing fits, and coughing more than you’d like to as well. You brushed this off as an allergy problem all spring. You thought that the problem might have persisted through summer too, but now that fall and winter are here you know something is fishy. Your ductwork is the thing that’s weighing down your system.

Our Ductwork Services

Here are the ductwork services we offer to help your home’s HVAC system:

Duct Testing

You have to find the source of your ductwork issues. Our service professionals are here to help you do this. We come into your home, take an in-depth look into your ductwork, and then find the opportunities to improve your HVAC system.

Duct Sealing

Over the years, your ducts might droop, sag, or gap. This is where duct sealing steps in to save the day. Duct tape isn’t going to cut it. Professional service is going to help.

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