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Common Home Problems and the IAQ Systems that can Solve Them

filter-duct-handSo spring is coming up fast and you’re wondering how you can make allergy season a little easier to get through, right? We understand where you’re coming from. Allergy season can be a real burden. You don’t want to sniffle, wheeze, and sneeze your way through the next few months. You won’t have to do this when you come to our professionals though. Instead, you can just come to our team for HVAC services in Youngstown, FL. We specialize in the work that you need to get great home comfort. We’re not going to gouge or waste your time either. We only want to make your indoor air quality better in the best way that we can.

The Problems You’re Experiencing and How to Handle Them

So let’s go through the most common problems that you might experience in your home and the best way to handle them.

You’re Too Cold or Too Hot in Your Home

So we know that winter and summer are two seasons that you really can’t avoid in the world, but this doesn’t mean you should have to struggle through these seasons even when you have an air conditioner or furnace in your home. If you notice that you can’t get the comfort you need even when you have the right HVAC system, then you might need to consider a humidifier or dehumidifier in your home. Humidity can be your ally or enemy depending on the season. If you want to make the process of getting your home to your ideal temperature much easier, then one of these units can help you get the work you need done.

Your Home Feels Stuffy

Does your home start to feel clogged or stuffy? This happens because you have to spend so much time in your home with the doors and windows tightly sealed. The last thing you want to do on a freezing or scorching hot day is to open up a window in your home. The downside of this is that it starts to feel like your home is circulating all the stuffy air throughout your home endlessly. This is where a heat recovery ventilator or an energy recovery ventilator can step in to save the day. One of these systems works to circulate in fresh air so that your home’s internal temperature isn’t affected.

Your Dirty Air is Affecting Your Personal Health

Are you noticing that the quality of the air in your home is starting to affect your personal health? This can manifest as trouble breathing, wheezing, coughing, or just an irritated sinus system when you’re at home. Your home’s air should never be so affected that it’s starting to affect your personal health. If you notice this, then it might be time for you to inquire about an air filtration system or an air purification system. Air purifiers and air filters are the best thing to put in your home to clean your air efficiently.

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