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How to Achieve Better Indoor Air Quality

indoor-air-quality-contaminantsThe average homeowner may not ever realize that they have air quality problems. On the other hand, many families have at least one member who is afflicted by seasonal allergy or asthma symptoms. As for business owners, keeping your employees healthy is mandatory. In both cases, raising the indoor air quality can be just the thing to keep your family and employees away from the symptoms of poor IAQ.

It turns out that just having a great air conditioner in Panama City Beach doesn’t improve your air quality—it can even encourage poor air quality in some cases! We’ll tell you the real way to get started toward better air quality.

Find the Source of the Contaminants and Ventilate

Several sources of indoor contaminants simply can’t be avoided. Whether it’s because the source of your problems is your precious dog or because it comes from a tool that’s essential to your business, we can’t expect you to get rid of them! Instead, the best approach would be to find the source of the contaminants and try to introduce more ventilation to those areas.

For homes, it’s possible that you simply live in an area with a lot of dust and pollen. This may mean that you need to clean more frequently. And as much as we love our pets, pet dander is also a persistent contaminant. You should also pay attention to how you’re using cleaning supplies and other chemicals in the home. Excessive use of cleaners, air fresheners, and other chemicals can build up and cause discomfort.

For a business, the source of the contaminants may be the very things that your business depends upon. If you work with chemicals or machinery daily, proper ventilation is essential. But indoor air quality isn’t an issue only with industrial offices—you might be surprised to hear that even laser and inkjet printers in offices can be harmful, too (perhaps even more so, since there might be less of an emphasis on proper ventilation).

Fight It With Indoor Air Quality Products

Even after taking measures to flush out indoor air pollutants, they’ll most likely just keep coming back. If this is the problem you’re facing, you can try to offset the damage by using various indoor air quality products.

Air filters and air purifiers are perhaps the most direct approaches. These will actively trap the dangerous particles, removing them from your airflow, and leaving them to be disposed of later. You don’t want to buy just any air filter, though. Depending on the contaminants you’re fighting against, you’ll want to get the right quality and type of air filter or purifier. You can find out what they are by getting an air quality test.

Another problem comes with trying to introduce ventilation while the AC is running. An energy recovery ventilator will allow you to introduce fresh air into the system while running your AC at the same time.

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