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How Heat Pumps Save You Money

Monday, October 7th, 2019

money-going-into-piggy-bankHave you ever thought about switching your home’s cooling power to something a little different? Heat pumps are a fantastic way for you to cool off your home no matter what type of home you have here. Heat pumps are a little different than standard air conditioning systems can make a stark difference in your home.

We know that this transition isn’t always easy. That’s why we expertly work with heat pumps in Callaway, FL. We know that these systems are the best way for you to get the air conditioning service that you deserve here in The Sunshine State. If you’re trying to get eco-friendly and cost-effective air conditioning, you can contact our professionals today. We’ll help you through the process of learning about one of these systems and adopting one into your home.

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When is it Time to Replace My Ducts?

Monday, October 8th, 2018

air-duct-sealingThe last time you called in for air conditioning service in Callaway, FL, it was hopefully explained to you that various parts of your system will wear out as time passes. This is why your system needs maintenance and might even require the occasional repair call. That’s all well and good when talking about your air conditioner or heater, but did they happen to say the same thing about the ducts?

The ducts are the series of vents that transport conditioned air through your home. They may not have moving parts, but they play just as vital a role as the rest of the HVAC system itself.

That means there’s also a time where ducts will need to be replaced. We’ll explain further down below.

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How to Lower Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

Monday, May 21st, 2018

The average electricity rate nationwide is 10.54 cents per kilowatt-hour. Running your central air unit that uses 3,500 watts for 9 hours a day during the warmer months will cost about $100 a month. Naturally, everyone wants to know how to lower their air conditioning bills during summer. What should you do? Let’s take a look at some tips for homeowners in Callaway, FL…

Lower Air Conditioning Bills as Much as Possible

To lower your air conditioning bills, you may have to get creative. Creating shade is a sustainable solution to saving energy. Using additional fans and regularly replacing air filters also help to ease the burden on your A/C.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

A significant portion of the heat that builds up in your home happens as a result of sunshine hitting your roof or coming in through the windows. A simple solution is to create shade.

By planting trees around your property, less sunlight will reach the roof and windows. You won’t have to run your AC unit as much as you would without the shade provided by tall trees. In addition, if you protect your air conditioner from the sun with shrubs or trees, you can increase its efficiency.

Create Cover for Windows

Another way to shield yourself from direct sunlight is to make your windows more sun-proof. This can be accomplished via solar screens or window films. Window films reflect a certain amount of light and heat without adding anything visible to the window.

Solar screens are popular among many restaurants and business establishments that have large windows and are in the path of direct sunlight. These mesh screens block the sun with whether the window is open or closed. For twice as much protection, apply window films before adding solar screens.

Circulate the Air in Your Home

In addition to having a central cooling unit, keeping the air moving helps to mitigate the effects of extreme heat.  Any fan will do the trick. An added benefit of constantly circulating the air in your home is that it causes sweat to evaporate from your skin more quickly.


Replace Air Filters

Air filters quickly become clogged and usually need to be replaced every few months. Keeping your home and AC unit equipped with clean air filters means air can flow through easier, reducing your AC costs. Make sure your air ducts are clean, too.

Easily Lower Your Air Conditioning Bills

These methods provide simple and affordable ways to lower your air conditioning bills this summer. While trees and sunscreens may be somewhat of an investment, you will eventually recoup the costs in energy savings. The environment will thank you as well.

Another great way to save is to take care of any problems with your air conditioner.

We offer responsive AC repair in Callaway, FL and surrounding areas. Contact us today!

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