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Is your AC not working as it should lately? There could be a problem somewhere on your system, and a faulty evaporator coil could be at fault.  Don’t worry, though. You can rely on the comfort specialists at Alexander Air Conditioning to find and perform air conditioning repair in Panama City FL quickly and expertly! 

We have over 29 years of experience working on all types of air conditioning systems for residential and commercial customers throughout Panama City and its surrounding areas. Our team is trained in the latest technologies and methods for air conditioning repair, so you can trust that we’ll get your system up and running quickly and efficiently.

Whether your unit is not cooling properly, making strange noises, or leaking water, our team of experienced technicians will identify the cause of the problem and provide an effective solution. We also handle preventative maintenance and can upgrade your system to keep it running at peak performance all year long. 

The Perils of a Filthy Evaporator Coil

If you’ve ever had an air conditioner that wasn’t working properly, then you know the importance of preventative maintenance. One component that should never be neglected is your evaporator coil. This little part can have a big impact on how well your AC unit performs…especially if it’s dirty!

Let’s take a look at why keeping your evaporator coil clean is so important.

Why Cleanliness Matters

Your evaporator coil does more than just cool the air in your home—it also helps to purify it. It works by capturing dirt, dust, and other particulates from the air which are then washed away when the condensate drips down the drain.

However, if this process isn’t happening correctly, those contaminants will start to build up on the coils, reducing their efficiency and leading to unpleasant smells.

Not only that, but dirty coils can cause your system to freeze up and may even lead to water damage inside your home.

The Cost of Neglecting Your Coils

We all know that regular maintenance can save us money in the long run by extending the life of our AC units. But what happens when we don’t keep up with our evaporator coils?

Chances are you’ll end up paying for costly repairs or even having to replace your entire unit sooner than expected—neither of which are particularly cheap!

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Evaporator Coil

Keeping your evaporator coil clean is essential for maintaining healthy indoor air quality and reducing energy costs. Regularly cleaning your coils can help ensure that they are operating at peak performance levels, which means more efficient cooling, lower utility bills, and improved indoor air quality.

It’s also important to have regular maintenance performed by a professional HVAC technician for air conditioning repair Panama City FL to properly service your system. This will ensure that any potential issues with your system are caught early and addressed quickly before they become more serious problems down the line.       

What Can You Do To Prevent Dirty Coils?

The good news is there are several things you can do to make sure your evaporator coils stay clean and functioning properly. Make sure you get regular maintenance done on your unit (at least once every two years).

During these visits, an HVAC technician can inspect your system for any potential problems and make sure everything is running smoothly. If you have pets or smoke indoors regularly, be sure to change out your filter every 3-6 months as well as vacuum any areas near vents that could become clogged with pet hair or dust mites over time.  This will help keep those contaminants from entering and accumulating in your unit’s coils. 

A dirty evaporator coil might not seem like a big deal at first glance but it can have some serious consequences if left unchecked! From decreased efficiency to costly repairs and replacements, it pays off in the long run to give proper attention to this part of your AC system before it’s too late.

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If you notice anything wrong with any components of your AC, including the evaporator coil, condenser, blower motor, or filters, our highly experienced and certified technician Alexander Air Conditioning can help!

We offer comprehensive AC repair service for all makes and models of air conditioners. With years of experience in the business, you can rest assured that your problem will be solved quickly and efficiently.

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