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Air Conditioning Services in Panama City, FL

When it comes to climate control, the number one motivation for most of the year is to keep as cool as possible. Without a good air conditioner installed in your home, you are just begging to have your residence turned into a swamp every summer. The good news is: you don’t have to worry about that as long as you’re relying on us.

Our technicians provide a full range of air conditioning services throughout Panama City, FL. No matter what kind of air conditioner you have, or what you need done to it, we can make sure it takes care of you during those sweltering Floridian summers. Contact us today, and one of our technicians will be out to help you as soon as possible. Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc.: Keeping Bay County COOL since 1993. Ready to get going? Give us a call to schedule air conditioning services in Panama City, FL and the surrounding area.

All services include a 1-year warranty on labor.

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Alexander Air is the Exclusive Certified York Dealer in the Panama City Area.
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Panama City, FL Air Conditioning Services

Everyone’s home is a little different, which means everyone has slightly different air conditioning needs, as well. With that in mind, we offer a full range of air conditioning services to fit any home cooling system.

  • Air Conditioning Installation: An expert air conditioning installation is a great way to make sure that your system has the best possible start to its life. Be sure to trust us with your air conditioning installation, so you know that it’s done right the first time.
  • Air Conditioning Repair: Even with the best maintenance, you’re probably going to have an air conditioning issue come up at some point during the system’s lifespan. If you have the issue addressed as soon as possible, though, you will very likely be able to prevent a lot of the damage to the system. That’s why we offer fast, professional air conditioning repair services. Let us make sure that your system is working properly. We’ll get it back in proper shape, or our services are FREE! Guaranteed.
  • Ductless Systems: Not everyone has a home that is outfitted with ducts. Even those that do may want a bit more control over their indoor climate and energy use. If a central air conditioner doesn’t work for your home, don’t worry. Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. provides all kinds of ductless system services. Let us handle all of your ductless mini split needs.
  • Duct Installation and Replacement: For those homes that do use ducts, special care must be paid to them. If your home has cracked or otherwise leaky ducts, it might be a good idea to install new ones to improve your comfort and climate control efficiency. We provide duct installation and replacement services of all kinds.
  • Duct Testing and Sealing: In many cases, you may not necessarily need to replace an entire bit of ductwork just because of a few leaks. First, you should have it tested to isolate the issue. Then, have it professionally sealed to restore lost output. We offer both of those services.
  • Heat Pumps: If you are interested in installing a system to use all year–round, a heat pump might be the perfect option for you. We install and service these systems, which are capable of both heating and air conditioning functions.
  • Thermostats: The best climate control system in the world isn’t much good without a thermostat to control it. Let us find the perfect thermostat for your needs!

Call Us for All Your Air Conditioning Service Needs in Panama City, FL

No matter what kind of air conditioning system you’re after, or what AC service you need, Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. can provide everything for you. We are even the exclusive certified YORK brand dealer for the area! We offer incomparable warranties on all YORK parts and equipment. Be sure to contact us to find out about the extended labor warranty, available through York/Johnson Controls. With us on your side, you can rest assured that your home will stay cool and comfortable during the cooling season. We’ve been keeping Bay County COOL since 1993.

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