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Indoor Air Quality Services in Panama City, FL

Just because the air in your home looks clear, that doesn’t mean it is. A lot of homeowners don’t realize that their home’s air quality is actually quite a bit lower than it should be. Even so, you may not realize how extensively poor indoor air quality affects your health and comfort. Well, we’re here to tell you that not only is indoor air quality very important, but that we can provide you with all the systems and services you need to keep yours high.

Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. provides comprehensive indoor air quality services throughout Panama City, FL. If you think you might need some help raising the quality of the air in your home, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our technicians can make sure that your air quality is as high as possible, finding you equipment that meets your expectations.

All services include a 1-year warranty on labor.

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Why Indoor Air Quality Is So Important

When we talk about low indoor air quality, there are generally two different factors we take into account. The first is the presence of microscopic airborne contaminants like dust, pollen, dander, germs, and mold spores. These can cause all kinds of negative effects if inhaled, ranging from mild allergy attacks to the flu.

The second factor we consider is the humidity levels in your home, and whether they’re chronically high or low. High humidity makes it harder to stay cool during hot days, as well as promoting mold growth throughout the house. Low humidity causes your skin to crack, making it easier for you to become infected by various germs. Addressing these two factors, and preventing the problems they cause, is the goal of our indoor air quality efforts.

The Indoor Air Quality Services We Provide

We can provide you with practically any indoor air quality system or service you may need, including:

  • Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers: Air filters and purifiers are designed to reduce contaminant levels in the air. Each system type utilizes a different method to do this, and each of them is suited for capturing a different range of contaminants. Give us a call, and we’ll find the perfect air filter or purifier for you.
  • Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators: Heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators are designed to bring fresh air into a home, without compromising the climate control inside. The only difference between them is that an energy recovery ventilator transfers humidity levels, as well as thermal energy.
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: Keeping humidity levels in balance is a key part of maintaining indoor air quality, especially in humid climates like Florida. We install and service a wide range of humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

No matter what your indoor air quality needs are, Alexander Air Conditioning, Inc. is here to make sure they are met. Our technicians are the best in the area, and will be able to provide you with whatever you need to raise your home’s indoor air quality to the proper level. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll get started on clearing the air in your home.

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